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History Class

Father’s day is at the same time one of the oldest and youngest holidays on our planet. In some places it has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. Other places have freshly adopted this tradition. There is also no unanimity as to the celebration date. In the United States it is the third sunday of June. However Italy and the countries of the Iberian Peninsula and most catholic countries celebrate it on March 19, South Korea — on May 8, Georgia — on October 3, Poland, although deeply catholoc — on June  23. The total of about 40 countries of the world have this holiday marked red in their calendars. Among them are the USA, Canada, South African Republic, Japan, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Needles to say that each country has its authentic tradition of celebrating Father’s Day. Some countries have none. But there is yet one thing that is universal about this holiday. It is a family holiday. That’s about it. The similarity ends here. The catholic countries celebrate it on Saint Joseph's Day also referred to as the Feast of Saint Joseph. Along the earthly father it is common to honor the spiritual father. 

The French Father’s day tradition dates back only 60 years. The holiday takes place every third sunday of June, following Americans in their tracks. The establishment of the holiday in France was literally lobbied by Flaminaire the local lighter manufacturer. The best fathers are selected by the special committee and rewarded for the role-model fatherhood. 

The British Fathers Day tradition dates back somewhere after World War II. The holiday takes place every third sunday of June, having the cues taken from Americans. Although they have the holiday, no traditions are tied to it (yet?). Hence it is disputable, whether doing nothing amounts to celebration.

The Germans, however, have a unique Father’s Day tradition. They go on a hike accompanied by a cart full of booze and pulled by manpower. The fiery culminates in a bender. Germans know a thing or two about celebrations.

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